Street Kids

Street children in Manila

The streets of Manila are hell to the homeless,
and they teem with angels forgotten
by the rest of the world : children.

A gang-ridden world under the threat of jail, physical as well as psychological violence and drugs ; hunger, diseases and malnutrition ; child prostitution and child abuse, begging and stealing ; this is what living in the street really means.
Some of the kids attending the Place to Play have spent but little time in the streets yet some others still live there night and day. Among them are orphans, chidren who fled violence in their homes and kids who work as soon as they can walk to earn something for their families. Helping them means, on the one hand, bringing immediate help and, one the other hand, making them autonomous, giving them opportunity to re-build themselves.
Therefore, the Place to Play is meant for all young victims of the traumas that come with homelessness - including the physically or mentally disabled.
In manila, there are up to 50,000 of them.

The Place to Play provides them with a haven of peace, a place to heal their wounds - those of the body and those of the mind. It enables them to choose their own future.

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Contact :

Siège social : 4 rue Ernst Hemingway 44300 Nantes
Secrétariat : 11 rue de Paris 85400 Luçon
Tél : (0033) 02 51 56 12 86
Fax : (0033) 02 51 29 06 39

62 Swaziland street, Better Living Subdivision
Paranaque, Metro Manila
Tél/fax : (632) 776 85 36