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A place to play

By Urchins*-Street Kids

*A place to play brings life into the eyes of the children who pass through its doors.

Who are we ?
The association Les Oursins-*Enfants des trottoirs is placed under the 1901 French law on non-profit organisations.
Its mission is to favour development and bring greater balance to the lives of poor children in developing countries. The Manila Place to Play for street kids is its first creation. A branch of ociation exists in Manila, Urchins*-Street Kids its members are both representative of the Filipino social fabric and committed to the cause of street kids : health care specialists, psychologists, social workers, business men and women, artists, former streetkids, and more...

Through entertainement and discoveries,
the Place to Play permits each kid
to find a place as a child once again.

Why create a place to play ?
Lack of money and shortage of social workers have often led relief agencies to leave entertainment aside or to offer only a limited number of play activities.
We have decided to swim against the current and to give kids to express themselves in as many ways as possible by letting them choose their games.
In 1995, Aurore Prudent-Roiland was sent alone on a mission among the homeless kids of Manila. Immediately upon returning to France, she created ociation Les Oursins*-Enfants des trottoirs to favour all kinds of prevention and information, but also to raise consciounesses about the fate of those kids, especially the victims of prostitution and child abuse. Thus, the first place to play in the world opened on 2nd April 2000 to welcome the children living in the slums and in the streets of Manila. Up to 500 kids every week - from toddler to young adult - can attend it and heal their physical and psychological wounds.
The Pace to Play works in collaboration with some relief agencies well-implanted in the Philippines.

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