How can you help ?

How can you help ?

We need support from all. You can become a volunteer, as a professional or a trainee to organize activities, provide medical and dental care.You can offer financial or material support but also helpus raise funds.You can organize conferences, exhibitions, sales,…

More about association

The Oursins*-Enfants des trottoirs is a 1901-law association and its statutes are kept at the prefecture of Nantes (ref. 044-202-55-94). They include, both in French and in English, several information packs :
- educational program (aims of ociation, playing :a bare necessity of life, more than just a place to play)
- technical appendix : all our educational methods.
- Budget- ociation newsletter : To the forsaken angels- Press review dating back to 1995
- Exibitions : The smile of hope
- Organization charts : France, the Philippines.

The recreation-oriented spirit of the place to play makes it more than just a place to play : neutrality and anopen environment permit us to develop in several directions : playtherapy (with or without a specialist) prevention and education (hygiene, STDs, drugs, learning) information for kids, teenagers, social workers and visitors : everyone can consult a directory of NGOs in the Philippines. Contacts and exchanges between kids, foundations andparents. Training : comparing skills and resources, passing them on to people from different horizons.

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Contact :

Siège social : 4 rue Ernst Hemingway 44300 Nantes
Secrétariat : 11 rue de Paris 85400 Luçon
Tél : (0033) 02 51 56 12 86
Fax : (0033) 02 51 29 06 39

62 Swaziland street, Better Living Subdivision
Paranaque, Metro Manila
Tél/fax : (632) 776 85 36