Once upon a time…

At the Place to Play, you can find therapy, prevention, education and recreation. Playtherapy permits children to express obsessions, attempt to rid themselves of traumas, reveal physical or psychological suffering. Playing means expressing themselves as children and it bears witness to their development.
Ludotherapy, or playtherapy, a breakthrough.
This simple concept, adopted by Western societies some time ago, has never been totally applied in the context of humanitarian organizations.
"Tell me how he plays and I'll tell you how he feels".
Playtherapy is an ideal means of helping traumatized children to reconstruct their personalities and achieve harmony. Playing is essential in the process of growing up and communicating with one's environment. The Place to Play offers kids a new glimpse of life, something different from the slums, the streets, jail and the foundations.
At the Place to Play, it is simply possible to play without being interrupted, without thinking about productivity and in an environment oriented towards socialization and

They play and play again, to make up for lost time.
They play to play, to learn, to understand.

A means of expression adapted to each kid.

Tiny, frail hands holding a paint brush, eyes wide-open in front of a huge heap of lego-blocks, secrets whispered into the ears of dolls, laughter, sighs, surprise and desire, all of these can find their place in the various play-shops :

* Art * Library  * Board-games  * Music and dance  * Cooking  * Computer technology 
* Video and photography  * Dolls and doll's houses  * Lego, playmobil 
* Action figures and miniature cars  * Sandpit and outdoor games  * Sports 
* Cultural awarness classes  * Psychological support  * The three Rs (reading, writing, arithmetics)

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